Monday, May 13, 2013

1st CSA Pick-Up Postponed......

Cool Spring. We have been talking and debating when to start the CSA this year, and the next two nights of freeze warnings have made up our mind. We were scheduled to begin the pickups on May 15. We will begin either May 29th, or on June 5th. You will be compensated for the missed weeks, and will be notified when that compensation is made either in market credit, extra produce in boxes, or the weeks missed being added at the end of the year. Those of you requesting eggs: we have a list of your names and will save a dozen for you weekly and you will pay at that time, $4.50/dozen. We appreciate your understanding and please know that we are chomping at the bit to start harvesting and putting together CSA boxes.

 Weather aside it has been a great spring. The greenhouse has functioned well and the plants coming out look great. We heat it with wood, and have burned much more than in years past. I put the last two sticks into the stove last night at 2 am and its on our list today to cut more wood. Garrett an intern from last year came through for six weeks this winter and gave us a huge boost with the greenhouse work. He is off to work in Colorado on another farm now, but the plants he seeded and stepped up are out in the field. The cows moved down the road to another farm that we are leasing and they are enjoying the lush pasture. We have been calving and everyone is vigorous and healthy. The chickens have been a struggle ever since our dog Loretta passed away last fall. She was really good at keeping rodents and varmints at bay. Since then we have been fighting a weasel that keeps weaseling it's way into the coop and stealing chickens heads. We were putting our cats in the coop at night to deter him for a little while. It only worked for so long, but it was cute to see the cats asleep in the laying boxes in the morning. We planted @ 100 apple trees earlier in the spring and are excited of the idea of harvesting that fruit 10 years down the road. The kids are good.....they definitely give us a run for our money daily but they are beautiful and healthy. They enjoy checking the cows, gathering eggs, and watering the greenhouse. Their help with these things doesn't speed up the process but makes it mean that much more. We have two great people working with us this spring. Catherine and Kate will be at markets throughout the season and you will get a chance to meet them and hopefully enjoy them as much as we do.

 In the ground we have transplanted, seeded, cultivated, irrigated, covered, fertilized, foliar fed, and begged to grow kale collards broccoli cauliflower carrots beets peas lettuce fennel squash celery zucchini cucumbers tomatoes potatoes onions garlic strawberries leeks celeriac chard cabbage kohlrabi. It all is doing well, but needs a couple of weeks of heat to get it to your table.

Thanks for your support. In years like this CSA members are especially important to the farm as we wait for the weather to allow us to start harvesting and selling at markets. Feel free to contact us with questions and we will be in touch. Anne Aaron Addiebelle Cyril

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