Monday, May 18, 2015


I will try to impart details and information here that you may need to refer back to over the season.

Wax boxes and cloth bags need to be returned empty each week when you pick-up your new box.  The wax boxes cost us $1.50 each and are meant to be re-used all season.   They are coated in wax to protect the vegetables and to increase their life span.  The wax will melt and render them useless if you leave them in the hot sun!  Also, if you have pets who shed, please store your box where their hair won't get stuck to the box; it is nearly impossible to get it off.  The cloth bags we made to cut down on use of plastic bags.  Please please please return them every week!  We will wash them and reuse them the following week.

If you know you are going to be gone and can't pick up your box, you have options!
1.  Have someone else pick it up.  Be sure they know your name and our farm name so they come to the right market stand. 
2.  Email or text Anne that you won't be getting a box.  For Wednesday pick-ups you have to let me know by 6pm Monday.  For Saturday pick-ups you have to let me know by 6pm Thursday.  We will then give you credit for that box and you can  choose to get an extra box later in the season or use the credit at the market stand.  It will have to spent all at once ($15 for small shares, $24 for regular) so that I don't have to keep up with nickels and dimes.

If you are picking up at Catawba, you'll talk to the bartender who will check off your name, give you your box and tell you where to put your empty box.  If you don't pick-up your box, the bartender will take it home at the end of the shift.  We do not go back there and get full boxes that didn't get picked up!  They are open 2pm to 10pm and you can go any time during those hours.

If you send someone else to get your box, please be sure they know our Farm's name and your name.  It eliminates much confusion!
If you fail to get to market for your box, we bring it back to the farm and keep it in the walk-in cooler until after the next market.  IT IS UP TO YOU to make arrangements to come get your box or have it brought to the next market.  If it's still in the cooler after the next market, we compost the contents.
If the pick-up you have chosen isn't working for you, please let us know and we'll switch you to another one!

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