Wednesday, July 27, 2016

July 27 or 30

Share contents this week:  1 pound of torpedo onions, 1 pint of cherry tomatoes, 3 pounds of slicing tomatoes, 1 pound of silver slicer cucumbers, 1 green zucchini, 2 zephyr squash, 1 head of savoy cabbage.

Storage:  onions, cucumbers, and squash store in the fridge.  Tomatoes can stay on the counter but if you're going to wait a few days to eat them and your kitchen is warm, put them in the fridge.

We are in the heart of tomato season.  If you want an extra tomato or 2 please help yourself.  If you want tomatoes to can, please email me and we'll arrange it.  A 20 pound box of tomatoes for CSA members
will cost $35.  If you're interested, it probably needs to happen within the next 10 days.
And if you want a few hot peppers for the week, please grab them!

With all the tomatoes in your box, its the perfect time for tomato pie or tomato soup.  The small yellow tomatoes are "garden peach" and will ripen a bit more to all pale yellow with a little pink blush on the blossom end.  The larger golden ones are yellow brandywine.  The red ones are celebrity.  In the recipe below, I substitute torpedo onions for vidalia.
Tomato Pie Recipe

The cabbage is a little spicy because of the serious heat we've been having. The spice goes away in cooking.

We have been enjoying this simple salad almost daily at the farm.
Simple Summer Salad
1 pint of cherry tomatoes, cut in half from blossom end to stem end
1 torpedo onion, sliced very thin
2 to 4 cucumbers, sliced thin
whatever herb is laying around ie: parsley, chive, basil, dill, cilantro
1 tsp ume-boshi vinegar or salt
1 tsp apple cider vinegar
black pepper
a light drizzle of extra virgin olive oil
Combine all ingredients and let sit a few minutes before eating.
Cherry tomatoes before mixing colors

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