Wednesday, May 10, 2017

May 10 or 13 First Share of 2017 Logistical information

Some logistical information:
When you get your  share from a market pick-up, you will transfer the contents of the box to a cloth bag and leave the wax box with us.  Those of you in the CSA last year may still have your bag.  Anyone who needs a new one or for new members we will have bags at the 1st pick-up.  Then you need to bring those back with you each week.  Those picking up at Catawba will receive your share in the bag already and just need to return an empty bag each week when you go to get your share.

If you haven't paid yet, please bring a check with you this week when you pick up.  If you are picking up at Catawba, please mail your check.  There will not be anyone from the farm at that pick-up.

If you are picking up at Catawba, you go to the bartender and tell them your picking up a CSA share and give them your name.  They will get it from the cooler for you.  Please get in touch with us if you have any issues at Catawba.  The bartender is doing us a favor and cannot help with issues you have related to the CSA. Also, YOU MUST get your share on Wednesday at Catawba.  They do not keep them in the cooler for you longer than that.  They do not have enough space to store them overnight and we do not go back there and get boxes that weren't picked up.

If you are picking up at market, look for Gaining Ground Farm and speak with Anne or Amy.  We will get you your box and show you where the exchange box is.  If you don't make it to market to get your box, we bring it back to  the farm and put it in our cooler.  It is up to you to arrange to come get it at the farm or have it brought to the next market.

If you have someone picking up your box for you, PLEASE be sure they know our farm name and your name.  There are many farms doing CSA pick-up at market and it is confusing if they don't have the proper information.

If you know you are going to miss a pick-up due to vacation etc., the following options are available.  You can have someone else get your share.  You can have credit for up to 2 missed weeks that you can spend in $21 increments at the market stand OR you can get 2 extra boxes throughout the season.  You can shift to the other pick-up day.  In order to get credit for missed pick-ups YOU MUST let us know by Monday at 6 pm for Wednesday pick up or by 6pm Thursday for Saturday pick-up.

THE BEST WAY TO GET IN TOUCH WITH US IS:  email: OR call or text Anne at:  828-545-2362

If there are other people sharing your share with you that would like the weekly emails, please let me know!

Thank you Thank you Thank you!   We are excited to begin again and thank you for joining us!  Cheers!

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