Wednesday, August 27, 2014

August 27 or 30 Box

Yesterdays' pepper harvest!  Garret and Elliot load the truck.
This weeks' small box:  1 bunch of arugula, 2 #s of Juliet tomatoes, 1 bell pepper, 1 # baby eggplant, 1/2 # summer squash, 1/2 # lettuce mix, a bag of 3 # of onions and 1/2# of garlic.

Regular boxes:  1 bunch of arugula, 3# of Juliet tomatoes, 1 bell pepper and a pound of paprikas (sweet), 1# baby eggplant, 1/2# summer squash, 1 # lettuce mix, 1 delicata squash, a bag of 5# of onions and 3/4 # of garlic.

It is best for storage crops to be unrefrigerated (like onions and garlic) and so I thought I'd give you a months' worth of these things at once because it is hopefully easier for us to do it right this way.  Typically we make your boxes on Tuesday evening (or Friday evening for Saturday pickups)and keep them in our cooler overnight.  That makes the onions and garlic get damp and so not store as well.  If this just doesn't work for you to get this much at once to store yourself, let us know.  I included a reminder in each bag that says:

Storage Onions and Garlic
These onions and garlic have been cured in our barn and are considered storage crops.  This means they will keep without refrigeration for a few months.  Ideal storage conditions are dry, dark, and cool.  Short of ideal, they will keep best in a basket or bowl in your kitchen cabinet or a corner of the counter that doesn’t get direct sun.  If you want to have your eyes burn less when cutting onions, store them in the refrigerator but it will cut down on how long they will keep.
This bag is meant to be a months’ worth of onions and garlic.  If it is way less or way more than you can use, let us know!
Some of the onions, especially the red ones, are damaged on part of the bulb.  We tried a new method of “field curing” these and some got sunburnt.  I haven’t found any to be rotten that I’ve cut into; it’s a surface burn.  If you find otherwise, please let us know and we’ll replace them!

This week is probably the last you'll see tomatoes in your box.  Try them oven roasted!  Just cut them in half, drizzle with olive oil, salt and pepper, and herbs and roast at 400 degrees until done to your liking.  These are great with pasta, on bread, on pizza.  The baby eggplant is good this way too!  It is also good sauteed in olive oil with salt and a chile pepper.  The paprikas in the regular boxes are a great sweet, thick walled pepper great roasted, raw, or sauteed.

The boxes will start to change to more lettuce, greens, and radishes in the coming weeks as well as winter squashes and potatoes.

Goose beans growing on field corn we're growing for Farm and Sparrow bakery.

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