Wednesday, August 6, 2014

August 6 or 9

Small boxes:  1 bunch of beets, 1 bunch of leeks, 1 pint of cherry tomatoes, 1 # of "mountain magic" salad tomatoes, 1 bulb of garlic, 3 jimmy nardello SWEET peppers, 1 # of a mix of green beans and yellow wax beans.
Regular boxes:  all the above plus 3 more jimmy nardellos, another garlic, 1 # of fingerling potatoes, 2 # of amish paste tomatoes, 1 small bunch of baby carrots.

The mountain magic tomatoes are surprisingly tasty in my opinion.  It is always difficult and often impossible to grow a good tomato crop organically here because of all our humidity, cool nights, and foggy mornings. This is a variety that was bred right here in Fletcher at the horticultural research station by a man who has devoted himself to breeding blight resistant tomato varieties for the mountains.  (he uses conventional methods for breeding.  no GMOs here!)  I hope you like them.  They're best for fresh eating in salads or salsa.
The Jimmy Nardello peppers, contrary to their looks, are very sweet!  They're delicious sauteed with some onions and eaten with pasta, potatoes, eggs, by themselves.  It is an heirloom variety that has enjoyed much renewed popularity because of how delicious the peppers are and because Slow Food put it on their "Ark of Taste" list.  We also have many varieties of hot peppers.  I tend not to put them in the boxes because I don't know who likes them and who doesn't SO if you do, please let us know at market or in an email and we'll be sure you get as many hot peppers as you want!  We have lots of hot banana peppers right now and they are good pickled if anyone is interested!
This unusually cool weather we're having has the okra in slow motion but we hope to have it for you soon!

Beets and Pasta
Cut the beet root from the leaves
Wash the leaves and save them
Wash the beet and boil until tender, let them cool enough to handle, slip the peel of with your hands and cut into quarters.  Marinate the beets in a dressing of equal parts olive oil and balsamic vinegar and salt and pepper to taste.
Prepare the pasta of your choice.
While the pasta is cooking, cut 2 to 4 leeks into thin circles using from just above the roots to where the leaves start; wash them by letting soak in cold water for a few minutes while agitating them; saute until soft in olive oil or butter.
Cut the beet leaves and stems into thin ribbons and toss with the pasta while it is still hot so it wilts them.
Add the leeks, beets and any marinade with them to the pasta.
You may want more crushed black pepper or red pepper, a bulb or 2 of crushed garlic and romano or parmesan shredded on top.
(this is good with sausage too if you like it)

Garret and Aaron trellising the black eye peas.

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